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Times-2 Speed Files

One 7-Tier Times-2 Speed File stores almost as much as three 4-Drawer Lateral Files and requeres less space


A single 7-tier Times-2 Speed File gives you more filing capacity than three traditional lateral files, so you can store more information and save floor space at the same time.

Trying to fit a world of information into traditional filing systems is a frustrating task. That’s why we’ve developed Times-2 Speed Files, a compact storage system that rotates for fast access from either side, and gives you double the depth for more multimedia storage.

Explore your options, Times-2 Speed Files make the most out of limited floor space – with space to spare.

Our wide range of accessories can expand your options to meet even more needs. These accessories include:

  • Reference, Standard and Recessed Shelves
  • CD and Rollout Drawers
  • Hanging Folder Frames
  • Tub and Security Drawers
  • Wardrobe Kits
  • Pass-through Center Panels
  • And Hand Release or Foot Pedal Options

All the features of Times-2 come together to give you a galaxy of choices. We have the widest color selection in the industry and the largest selection of colors (eight) in our Xpress program. Times-2 Speed Files are also available in a variety of finishes, ranging from 26 elegant colors to unlimited custom colors, to create the look you want, or to blend with the space you already have.

Times-2 Speed Files - Dimensions


Times-2 Speed Files



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Times-2 Speed Files